Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why I love Sucking Cock

I have always been primary an oral person and a submissive at heart.  Back when I was a teenager (13 or 14) I had my first experience with sucking a cock.  My brother (2 years older than myself) had friends staying overnight.  After everyone but Stan fell asleep he said he wanted to show me something.  He then started playing with my cock.  I enjoyed it and asked if I could do the same to him.  After he got hard he said to lick it.  I did, damn that felt good.  He then told me to put it all in mouth and suck while I moved up and down.  I loved it.  Not knowing what would be the result I was surprised when he started squirming and then held my head down and my mouth was filling with some liquid.  I didn’t know what was happening.  He told me to swallow it.  I did.  He then told me what was happening and finished me off with his hand.  Oh my, my first orgasm.  WOW.  I loved it.
After we were done and cleaned up he told me that we should not talk about it and explained that people don’t think that 2 males playing with each other is not normal.  This was in the late 60’s.  In the following years any time I had a chance I would suck his beautiful cock.  Then we moved away and I did not know how to approach someone to initiate it.  I started dating girls and found I was more into giving them oral satisfaction than normal intercourse.
After that I joined the US Navy and had to keep my cock sucking desires hidden.  I had several more cock sucking experiences throughout the years when I found someone that make an initial move and could be done in secret.  All the time I was more interested in sucking than being sucked. 
As the years went by I realized I was a submissive in the bedroom and love to be told to satisfy my partner, whether male or female.  I then drifted into BDSM, primarily looking for a Femdom to control me.  When one had me suck another cock for her it was the best feeling I ever had.
After many years and I am finally in a position that I can do what I want.  I went looking for dominate males or females to be their submissive. I now have several regulars that come by to have me service them.  With a lot of practice I have become an expert cock sucker.  I have many regulars that stop by and I will worship their cocks. 
I like nothing better to have a woman make me suck their male friends cock for them.  If they have sex I will clean him off then suck the cum out of her vagina and clean her up.
My best experience is when I arranged for 5 guys to come over one night and I was able to suck cock for hours.  I sucked on cock after another until I finished all five cocks and by then the first one was ready again.  I sucked each cock twice, a couple 3 times.  The best night of my life.
There is nothing better than taking a soft dick in your mouth and making it grow until it’s throbbing in your mouth.  I love the moans and heavy breathing I can make happen.  When I feel it about to explode I’ll slow down and take his balls in my mouth not letting it explode yet, then I’ll take the throbbing cock back in my mouth and continue until the cock explodes and fills my mouth with hot cum.  When I have 2 or more cocks over at the same time over I love it when I have a big cock up my ass and one down my throat.
Even though I’m the submissive sucking cock as ordered I feel in control of the cock.  I love it in my mouth and try to make it last as long as I can.  I had a female friend of mine watch me sucking a cock to give me tips.  She told me I’m a better cocksucker than she is and that I look like I really love it.
Even though I love cunnilingus, if I had my choice give me fellatio any time.
Anyone around my area that wants thier cock sucked let me know.